We are a team of young entrepreneurs who are passionate not only about food, but also about how to delivering happiness to everyone including our team members and our guests.

We think of food not as "Eat to Live" but as "Live to Eat." We embrace unique flavors discovered globally. We want to bring the most out of traditional and authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation to our guests.


We named our company “Tam Thuc” to remind us to be mindfulness every moment in life. Every thought, speaking word or action is a result of a seed we plant on our mind. That seed would grow into branches and soon to a tree. A good seed grows into a big tree, while a bad seed would grow into an unhealthy tree.

Our Roots

As a result, we always ask ourselves a simple question: "WHY?"
- Why would we do restaurant business?
- Why do we love food?
- Why do we want to make more money?

And we believe a final answer for all those questions is "Happiness."

Thus, whether you are a guest coming to our restaurants or a team member working with us, we want to put you on a journey filled up with happiness coming from our soul and our heart.