Our culture is based on a set of core values that are aligned with every decision we make:

  • is how the delivery of a product that makes the other person feel. Hospitality makes an emotional impact on the receiver. It requires listening to our guests with every sense and response to them thoughtfully. A service without soul, no matter how elegant, is quickly forgotten by the guests. Hospitality that comes from soul and heart is the roots of our business.

  • is a two-side equation. To cultivate trust, we encourage our team members to respect, listen deeply and practice true dialogue.

  • Taking challenges means embracing changes.
    Another reason of not taking challenge is afraid to make mistake. We want our members to make their own decisions whether the result is right or wrong. We believe if they don't make mistakes then that means they’re not gaining any experiences.

  • We think of success as a journey rather than a destination. To venture in this journey, we need opened mind people whose mind-set assumes the best in other people. An opened mindset can lead to creative mindset by learning new things and quickly learn from a mistake.